The Beaumont Partnership, a leading design studio, lead by Tim Beaumont established the Beaumont Partnership Foundation to create change through education in Thailand.

There is a fundamental need in Thailand for quality education to be made available at all levels of society. Unfortunately, this is not achievable for many underprivileged families. Without basic literacy and education, Thais are unable to reach their development potential or improve the financial position of themselves or their communities. This reason was vital in choosing Chaiyaphum as the location for the school.

Chaiyaphum is one of the poorest provinces in Thailand. Chaiyaphum is in the Isaan region, which is home to Thailand’s ten most impoverished areas. 

The Beaumont Partnership acquired the land and subsequently donated this to the foundation. Corporations, clients, friends and relatives in Thailand, Australia and the UK, have been instrumental in the development of the school and its sustainable initiatives. 


The Beaumont Partnership underwrites the marketing and administration expenses, so all funds donated are used within the school and sustainable platforms.

Ruam Pattana School in Chaiyaphum opened in 2013.

The school operates under a license by the Thai Ministry of Education, and the Foundation is a registered charity in Thailand.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”


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