We have been fortunate to be surrounded by generous, compassionate and caring people and businesses who have through the Beaumont Partnership Foundation contributed to the building and the operation of the school.

We hope to incorporate a self-sustainability program to ensure the long-term operation of the school.

The school sits on 105 Rai of land which also incorporates
The Hospitality Training School (opening 2022) 
Natural garden (pesticides and chemical-free)

Agriculture Project "The Good Goat" 
and future development of the Business Park.

The sustainable platforms will generate income while sharing knowledge and education to the community at large and are pathways to vocational skills and training. Additionally, these sustainable platforms employ members of the local community.

These sustainable platforms provide opportunities for student learning and participation and will continue to be central to the learning experience.


The Natural Garden is an initiative of The Beaumont Partnership Foundation. The Natural Garden comprises five pesticides and chemical-free greenhouses and garden. Located in Chaiyaphum, produce from the Natural Garden includes a variety of vegetables and fruits including salad vegetable, lemons, tomatoes, figs, papayas and aloe vera.


The aim of the Natural Garden is to create a sustainable agricultural social enterprise. The products of the Natural Garden include both fresh, chemical and pesticide-free produce as well as products for consumption and health and wellbeing.


The secondary aim of the Natural Garden is to build local knowledge to share with the local community whereby the main product is the low income yielding tapioca.


Produce from the Natural Garden is sold directly to among others restaurants, schools and hotels in Bangkok.


The Natural Garden also provides an opportunity for the student at the Ruam Pattana School to learn about gardening, growing food and the entrepreneurial process.

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The Kid D'art Lodge is the accommodation facility of the Beaumont Hospitality School, a sustainable social enterprise platform of the Beaumont Partnership Foundation.


The Beaumont Partnership Foundation established the adjacent Ruam Pattana School to provide education to some of Thailand's most socio-economically disadvantaged students. Many students from this area leave school around the age of 15 to find jobs to support the family. Without education and vocation skills, these students will not be able to find sustainable livelihoods.


The Kid D'art Lodge through the Beaumont Hospitality School offers a pathway to these students and students from around the region to gain further careers in hospitality by focusing on the foundational skills required as well as focus on English communication.


Income from the Kid D'art Lodge remains within the Beaumont Partnership Foundation to support the development of the Ruam Pattana School and the social enterprises that operate to support the school.



The Good Goat Project is a sustainable initiative of the Beaumont Partnership Foundation, which aims to produce goat's milk and cheese and educate students on sustainable production.

There are 12 goats in the initial phase of the Good Goat Projects.

The Good Goat Project will commence with 12 Saanen Goats ( 10 Kids 2 billies). 

Goats milk and cheese produce will be marketed and sold online.


Production will start July 2022.

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We aim to develop a business park and work with clean industries to establish a commercial entity that offers employment opportunities to the local population. 


Much of the population is engaged in farming and factory work.

Many people leave Chaiyaphum to find employment in cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Pattaya.


By creating opportunities within the local community, families can stay together, thereby building stronger family relationships.