The school is in the Chaiyaphum Province in the district of Subyai. It is one of the poorest provinces in Thailand with the average family of 4 earning just 11,000 baht a month.

Many of the students are cared for by someone other than their parents, often it is an illiterate older relative, and only 40% of the students from ages 15-17 will typically remain at school, therefore, leaving them with no opportunities for professional development. We hope to change this. The school, through the support of the foundation, aims to provide free quality education and pathways to tertiary and vocational training.

The school opens a new grade each year progressively. In 2020 the school will be open for Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

The students are from a 20KM radius within the surrounding community. Our teachers are locally qualified teachers from neighbouring cities and provinces.  Their education and continuing development is key to our students and school. This area is crucial in our ongoing operations.

The school is situated on 105 Rai of land which will also incorporate future developments including:

•    The Hospitality Training School
•    Agricultural Farming 
•    The Business Park


399 Nanglinchee Road Chongnonsee, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120

+662 286 8287

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