Tim Beaumont and his partners established the Beaumont Partnership in 2008 after the successful rebranding of their architectural design studio the Beaumont Partnership from Woods Bagot. Thus the company was able to embark on socially responsible initiatives it had previously been unable to pursue.

The partners chose to address social inequities and social change, particularly for the economically disadvantaged.

There is a fundamental need in Thailand for quality education to be made available at all levels of society. Unfortunately, this is not achievable for many underprivileged families. Without basic literacy and education, Thais are unable to reach their development potential or improve the financial position of themselves or their communities. This reason was vital in choosing Chaiyaphum as the location for the school.

Chaiyaphum is one of the poorest provinces in Thailand. Chiayaphum is in the Isaan region, which is home to Thailand’s ten most impoverished areas. 

The average monthly income is 11,000 baht per month for a family of four.
50% of students between the age of 13-15 will leave school to find work to support their families either on farms or in factories. Alternatively, they become economic migrants in major cities. 
More than 50% of our students are cared for by someone other than their parents. In many cases, it is likely to be an older relative, who is often illiterate.
Chaiyaphum is also more accessible for one day travel. This proximity enables more people from Bangkok to be able to travel up and back in one day. Visitors gain a real sense of the social and economic disparity when they physically engage with the school and the surrounding community. 


The foundation continues to receive contributions and positive support through funds, goods, knowledge and time from the Thai business community and supporters here in Thailand and internationally.

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