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In 2014, Nong New was suffering from a heart condition which resulted in her not being able to spend a whole day at school and having to go home before lunch because she was too tired and fatigued. She was in need of a valve replacement and without it, she would not have survived to this day. Her family could not afford the operation but fortunately, Samitevej Children's Hospital reached out to us and offered to operate on Nong New, waiving all payments. We are grateful to say that today Nong New is studying in grade 8 and she is healthy and happy. She loves to go to school. 

Through this journey of our foundation and our school, we have met so many good people and businesses. People who believe, who care and people who acted when asked to support us, our students and our community. It takes heart to be human and we are always humbled by the generosity of our community. Thank you for being a part of this journey of change.

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