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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the word" 

- Nelson Mandela 

5 reasons why education is a MUST


Acquire life skills: Skills such as communication, collaboration is one that is taught at schools it sets us up for the ability to interact and share our thoughts and opinions with people around us. 


Setting up for the future: Education provides the foundation of knowledge which can be applied and utilized in all aspects of life. Getting an education means there are more opportunities such as getting a good-paying job which can provide enough income to support you and your family 


Equality: Everyone should be given equal opportunities. Education is so powerful in the way it dictates attitudes, actions, and perspectives on the world. We can use education to help fight inequality by giving both girls, boys, the same quality of learning


Development: Helps build confidence and develop critical thinking skills which students can use to challenge and question thoughts and ideas. Moreover, with a good education, jobs are now extended beyond the primary sector of the job industry


Goals/aspiring to reach dream: Children from underprivileged regions feel that they are at a disadvantage since they do not have access to what the rest of the world has caused them to believe they can not dream big. However, through empowering them through the education system and giving them the knowledge to excel, they can feel like any goal is attainable and achievable.

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