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The Beaumont Ruam Pattana School is a registered Thai school which receives funding from both public and private funds.

The private funding comes from the Beaumont Partnership Foundation and its sponsors and patrons, The Beaumont Partnership and the community of business partners, friends and family in Thailand, Australia and the UK.


The students do not pay school fees; however, the families contribute 15 hours of work in the school within the semester.

The students come from around the local area; some are travelling as far as 27 kilometres away.


** To put into perspective; there are no public buses in this area. There is no convenience store within walking distance.  Major public facilities, including larger hospitals and shopping centres, are an hour drive from the school.



The Ruam Pattana School follows the requirements of the Thai curriculum. Additional educational support comes through teacher training, educational activities including visiting professors, visiting schools and universities from Thailand and Australia throughout the school term.


The programs are designed to enrich the experience of the students, teachers, and where appropriate other schools within the community.


The school committee consists of key teachers, the academic leaders and the head teacher, the school principal oversees the running of the school.