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The Kid D'art Lodge was developed to provide accommodation to guests and visitors of the school and foundation, including visiting schools and universities from Thailand and overseas and corporate sponsors. 

Income raised from the Kid D'art Lodge support the operation of the lodge as well as back into sustainable initiatives of the Foundation and as required around the Ruam Pattana School.

The Kid D'art Lodge is located adjacent to the Ruam Pattana School. The 23-room lodge features a mix of deluxe, double, twin rooms and bunk beds.

The Kid D'art Lodge is aptly named after the theme of art created by students from our school and schools that the Ruam Pattana School partners with.

The guest's rooms are spacious, cosy, and modern, offering 

Each of the rooms has private bathrooms and balconies with sweeping landscape views. 

The lodge is nestled in the picturesque rural countryside with a spacious lawn and is perfect for yoga, boot camps, group activities, sunset cocktails, and bar-b-ques. 

The lodge features a shared lounge and kitchen. Both self-service and external food and beverage catering are available.

The Kid D'art Lodge is available for individual and group stays and corporate retreats.

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