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The Beaumont Ruam Pattana School 

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The Beaumont Ruam Pattana School is a private school established by the Beaumont Partnership Foundation. Located in Sap Yai, Chaiyaphum, the school is tuition-free. Students are welcome from around the community. The school operates under a single-entry format and with limited class sizes.


While partially funded by the Ministry of Education and following the Thai curriculum, the school focuses on creating a sustainable pathway towards practical vocational and tertiary education. The school works in collaboration with international schools from Bangkok and local and international universities to continue the professional development of our teaching staff.


Our school is undergoing the Thinking School Program led by Amnuay Silpa School. This three-year program encourages students and staff to think critically, creatively and reflectively.

Through a meaningful curriculum, the focus is on skills and techniques and not solely on content. Teachers and students work to develop and demonstrate independent and cooperative learning skills by utilising a range of thinking tools and strategies.


The school was designed and built under the direction of the Beaumont Partnership, a leading integrated design studio based in Bangkok.

The building's simple designs encourage the use of indoor and outdoor learning. The orientation of the buildings allows for maximum natural light and efficient natural ventilation while avoiding the need for air-conditioning.


The construction of the buildings uses handmade dry-pressed bricks made on-site.


Our teaching staff are Chaiyaphum locals or from neighboring provinces.

The school and Foundation employ approximately 40 people, including teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cooks, cleaner and gardeners.

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